How to obtiene 0.5 credits ECTS

21 November 2023

Attendees will receive in their email a certificate digitally signed by the director of the Demesol Chair of Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Sergio Valero.

For the recognition of 0.5 credits for transversal and professional skills to students of Bachelor’s degrees; as established by the Regulations for the Recognition of Transversal and Professional Competencies of the UMH (approved by the Governing Council on June 27, 2012), in its article 4.8. they must:

  • Fill out a general application requesting validation of credits like this one
    Send this instance, along with the ID and the attendance certificate with the digital signature of the director through SEDE UMH

For any clarification you can contact: Alicia Sagasta Agulló of the Study Management Service of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. Telephone: 966658678