5 December 2023

9:00 Registration

9:15- Presentation

9:30 PVGIS, as a helpful tool for the design of photovoltaic installationsSergio Valero Verdú. UMH

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10:00 How PV module technology will evolve over the next few years. Jean Francois. AMARA NZero

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10:30- Agrivoltaic installations in the countryside of Elche. Demetrio López Sánchez. Demesol/UMH

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11:00- EPIC Research Group’s International Cooperation with Developing Countries in the Framework of Renewable Energy Systems.  Herminio Martínez García . UPC

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11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Reconfigurable Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems.  Guillermo Velasco Quesada. UPC

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12:30 Energy communities. Alberto Martínez Sentana. College of Technical Engineers of Alicante

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13:00 EU funding opportunities for R&I in solar energy. Oscar Salazar Torres. Euro-Fundlng

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13:30 Solar PV Market, Trends and Future Challenges. José Déciga Gusi. Global Smart Solar Projects. Iberdrola

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14:00 Lunch

16:00 Authorized Installer: A Key Player in Energy Transition. Juan Abad Server. APEME

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16:30. Lithuania’s Renewable Energy Transition and KTU’s Environmental Impact: A Solar and Geothermal Energy Project. Darius Andriukaitis. KTU Lituania

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17:00 Modelling and monitoring Photovoltaic systems in Energy Communities. Vicente Galiano. UMH

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